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We Speak Dance

August 15-20th 2019

Lebanon, beruit

JDuring this 5 day retreat, we journey into meditation, yoga, dance, music and local culture led by Vandana Hart (creator of We Speak Dance Netflix/ Global UN Ambassador) and Andrew Sealy (Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Connection Catalyst).

The yoga and dance workshops will be taught on gorgeous local beaches, rooftops and ancient ruins. Our evenings will culminate in underground immersion into cultural cuisine, bellydancing cabaret and exclusive beach parties in Beirut.

This retreat has been designed to inspire world leaders in our community. Aim to deepen your yogic practice, refine personal goals, and align your talents with social impact in your community and on a global scale.

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Past Retreats // Festivals

Lifestyle Upgrade Retreat

February 15-19th, 2019

Imiloa, Costa Rica

Join me on a Lifestyle Upgrade that will set the tone for your most successful year yet!

COMBINING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, MINDSET, YOGA, FITNESS, AND NUTRITION FOR A FULL LIFESTYLE UPGRADE! Get your mind amplified by the profound teachings of Nadav Wilf, Your body pumped by vegan bodybuilders Nimai Delgado and Bianca Taylor, and your spirit uplifted by yours truly, Andrew Sealy.


Tribal Art Yoga Flow

May 19-24, 2018


A deep dive into yoga, unlocking your potential, tribal markings, acro yoga, photography, connection and healing. 


Esalen Summer Solstice Retreat

June 17-22nd

I have the great opportunity of teaching alongside Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, and Saul David Raye! Come enjoy the re-energizing vibe of Big Sur's most majestic hot spring! While practicing daily with the conscious heart leaders. 








Saturday, June 23rd

The Mass Meditation Initiative takes place at Los Angeles State Historic Park and is the HUB for conscious community throughout the California area.  It's a full day filled with epic programing from renowned teachers from all over the World!  I'll be teaching an epic AcroYoga class at 11:00AM! 

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Yoga Revealed + Yoga 4 Change
India Journey

Goa, varanasi, bodhgaya, agra, delhi,
Indian adventure




Mystic Journey Yoga
Veniuce, CA

1702 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
(310) 314-2222


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