ABC's of inversions

Ever wondered what it takes to handstand?! Well here's your chance to learn the key elements to Handstands and other Inversions.  Hop on your mat and practice with me, Andrew7Sealy.  This 5-class series is designed to help you master the "ABC's of Inversions." That's Alignment, Balance, and Core! 


3 Tips For Handstands For Beginners with Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy shares his top technical tips to help build, strengthen and improve your handstand practice. This step by step beginner's guide offers fun and simple ways to master a safe and stable handstand, while engaging and strengthening your core.

Restorative Flow with Andrew Sealy 3

This 25-Minute restorative yoga flow lead by Andrew Sealy is a great way to unwind, stretch and rejuvenate the body and mind. Andrew will guide you through a sequence of deep stretches, free-flowing poses and breath work aimed at enhancing flexibility, relieving any tension or stress and relaxing the mind.