Upcoming Adventures


September 6-12th, 2018

Mykonos, GREECE

Join me on an epic journey of Yoga and Meditation in the dazzling hilltops of Mykonos. Surrender to the nurturing quality of paradise at our hand-picked healing retreat center - Helios Villas. Located amidst the stunning scenic bluffs of Mykonos, these villas embrace the spectacular coastal scenery of Cyclades Islands. Breathtaking views of the emerald waters of the Aegean Sea and the azure sky set the stage for a transformative and unforgettable experience. 

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Island Adventure

Mythos Mykonos Greece

September 15-22th, 2018

Mykonos, GREECE

Join me as I connect with Epic People in a 7-day All-Inclusive Island-Hopping Vacation & Personal Growth Adventure. Experience the Magic of the Breathtaking Greek Cyclades & Hidden Islands of the Aegean Archipelago

Island-hopping on Monohull and catamaran boats to the most scenic landscapes Mykonos Paros, Anti-Paros, Despotiko, Syros, Delos) and Greece has to offer.

Yoga, Adventure, Connect

Short sailing stretches (30-180 minutes) each day to land at epic locations of grand

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